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Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach -

Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach 

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Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the most famous and the longest beach on Koh Samui island. It has very clear water and very smooth sand. There are plenty of bars, shops, restaurants, discotheques and other. It is the main tourist centre and nightlife area. Most resorts and hotels are located here. One of them is the Seascape Beach Resort, which is located just near the Chaweng Beach. The beach is about five kilometres long. It is bordered by rocky headlands on either end, with an offshore reef and the tiny island of Koh Matlam to the North. You can take a walk from one end to the other end of the beach. The Chaweng Be...

Koh Samui - Thongtakian Beach

Thongtakian beach is located on Koh Samui island, between two famous beaches – Chaweng and Lamai beach. Koh Samui is considered being the paradise on earth for Thais and international visitors. It has unspoiled scenery, it is safe and it has friendly people. Thongtakian beach is one of the most wonderful beaches on this island. It is situated in a small bay with the beautiful white sand. The water is very picturesque, because it is different in every part of the day, depends on the sun and the clouds. In the beginning is shallow and it gets slowly deeper, so it is convenient for small children and for t...

Koh Samui - Butterfly Garden

Koh Samui is a beautiful island of the coconut trees. It is the third largest Thai island. On the island you can see many interesting things like Big Buddha, Grandmother and Grandfather Rock, Namuang fall, monkey show, Nathon Town, Mummified Monk, Jao Mae Kuan Im and other. The Samui Butterfly Garden is situated on the southeast coast of Koh Samui. It is opposite of the Central Samui Village resort. In this part is also the Samui Aquarium. The Samui Butterfly Garden is built into a hillside and it is covered with netting. The beautiful tropical park is containing hundreds of butterflies, moths and some ...

Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a wonderful park at the shore of the Surat Thani Province. It is located to the north west of Koh Samui. This archipelago of around 40 small islands combines hidden lagoons, sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and dense vegetation. The park encompasses 18 sq of islands, plus 84 sq km of marine environments. The Ang Thong National Marine Park was established in the year 1980. Most visitors come on day trips from Koh Samui to relax on the white sands, sea canoe around island's jagged coastlines, explore the lush forests and limestone caves and snorkel among the col...

Koh Samui - Na Muang 1 Waterfall

Na Muang 1 Waterfall is situated 10 km south from Nathon at Ban Thurian. The waterfall is a popular tourist attraction on Ko Samui. Na Muang 1 Waterfall can be reached by vehicle. It is 18 metres high. The waterfall is rated as one of the most beautiful on Koh Samui island. There is also a Na Muang 2 Waterfall in the nearness, which can be reached only by 30 minutes walking and it is about 80 metres high. Waterfall is a popular destination for picnics. It has a large refreshing pool for swimming. Na Muang 1 Waterfall is the most spectacular in December or January at the end of the rainy season, when the...

Koh Samui - Hin Ta & Hin Yai

Hin Ta & Hin Yai or Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks are the famous rock formation. The beachside rocks are located between Lamai and Hua Thanon. There is a smaller parking place, which you have to pay. They are one of the most popular tourist attractions on Ko Samui. Two rocks look like male and female genitalia. They are located just few meters away from each other. There is a legend about these stones. The rocks appeared when two lovers drowned themselves in the sea as a result of parental disapproval of their relationship. A small souvenir industry has grown up around Hin Ta and Hin Yai. In the sta...

Koh Samui - Na Muang 2 Waterfall

Na Muang 2 Waterfall is located 10 km south from Nathon at Ban Thurian. Na Muang 2 can be reached only by 30 minutes walking. It is about 80 metres high. There is also Na Muang 1 Waterfall in the nearness, which can be reached by vehicle and it is 18 metres high. You can visit the waterfall with organized tour. At the beginning of the footpath you can try some adrenalin things. There are shops and restaurants. Na Muang 2 Waterfall is the most spectacular in December or January at the end of the rainy season, when they swell with rainwater.

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