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Sydney - Harbour Bridge -

Sydney - Harbour Bridge 

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the widest single-span bridge in the world. The bridge was erected during the depths of the 1930s Depression as a symbol of hope in the future. By locals is known as the Coathanger, the Iron Lung and the Toast Rack. The Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrated its 70th birthday in 2002, with its official opening on 19 March 1932. The bridge construction started in 1924 and took 1,400 men to built it. Now it carries two rail lines and eight traffic lanes, one in each direction. Climbing to the bridge started in 1998 and attracts locals and tourists alike to climb the monument. After climbing through up ladders and stairs and catwalks, the view is absolutely breathtaking. The Pylon Lookout is at the southern eastern end of the Bridge and visitors can go and see an exhibition about the Harbour Bridge as the spectacular view. Since the opening, the bridge has been the focal point of much national pride and tourism.


Harbour Bridge - Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge - Harbour Bridge

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Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge - View of Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay

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View of Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay