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Seychelles - La Digue -

Seychelles - La Digue 

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Seychelles - La Digue
La Digue - Grande Anse Beach

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    La Digue lies 50km northeast of Mahe and it is the fourth largest of the granitic islands. It has sculptured, dramatic granite rocks and exquisite beaches. The island has no natural harbour and is almost completely encircled by coral reef. The island is over 3km wide and about 6km long. The main villages are La Passe and La Reunion. Magnificent white beaches, few shops, coconut palms, plenty of bicycles and a couple of ox carts all add up to a totally relaxed island style way of life. On La Digue you will find coconut and vanilla plantations, small, welcoming hotels, art studios and the most seductive beaches. The public telephones may not always work, but ferries and schooners do arrive and depart on time. Almost all residents are involved in the tourism industry, others are fishermen and some are boat builders. Boats are built using traditional methods and nobody is ever in a hurry. The only means of transport on the island are ox carts or bicycles, which can be hired at the pier at La Passe or in La Reunion. All the island's beaches are within easy reach of the hotel or the pier by bicycle or on foot.

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