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Except in specially stated cases it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute any content from the site Good-Trips in any form on any web page or other medium or for any commercial use without prior permission in written or electronic form from the site Good-Trips.

Free use of photos with added 'live' link

For not commercial use it is allowed to publish photos on other web page under following conditions
  • on the same web page where photo is published must be 'live' link (it must not be nofollow) that points to trip page, where is photo on portal Good-Trips (for example for Sydney it has to be link to <a href=''>Sydney</a>). So any user can come to site Good-Trips with simple click from your page.
  • if the page where photo will be published is visited often (for example more than 1000 visits per day) then photo should be copied to server where is web page that will publish photo and that photo must be showed (for example: <img src='http://domain-web-page/photo-from-kraji-eu.jpg'>). That is why published photo will not generate too much web traffic on Good-Trips server.
  • on any page inside your web page it is allowed to publish only one photo from the web site Good-Trips
  • on all pages inside your web page it is allowed to publish max. 10 photos from the web site Good-Trips
  • Photos may not be used on sites with illegal or immoral content

Using photos by payment of an annual lump sum

It is allowed to use the photos from portal Good-Trips with advance paying of the lump sum in ammount 100 EUR. Lump sum is ordered on email

The following conditions are in use:

  • in the year when you have chartered a lump sum, you can use a maximum of 25 photos from the portal Good-Trips
  • in the case of a renewal of the annual flat rate, you need to send the list of used photos in the previous year
  • photos can be used only on web
  • you don't have to mention the author of the photo
  • there is no time limitation of using the photos
  • it is forbidden to sell the photos


Portal Good-Trips is not responsible for correctness of information that are stated on site Good-Trips. Everyone use them on own responsibility.

Also portal Good-Trips is not responsible for the content of the advertisers' sites where you are redirected when you click on their ads and for the consequences of actions that you are performing on those sites.

We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time, without notice.

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