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Thailand - Spas and massages -

Thailand - Spas and massages

Spas in Thailand were introduced in the early 1990s. They were a relatively new phenomenon, which has only very recently sky-rocketed in popularity. At first, spas were only to be found in five star hotels, but they have now mushroomed everywhere. During the years 2000 to 2002 the growth of the spa industry in Thailand rocketed to the stars. Thailand is now the second highest ranked spa destination of the world, just slightly behind Australia.
There are numerous different types of spa services in Thailand which focus heavily on Thai massage. They are categorized as massage for health, traditional massage and massage for beauty.
The variety of spas is quite fenomenal and is found at almost every destination in the country. They are destination spa, day spas (city spas), hotel spas (resort, retreat spas), cruise ship spas, club spas, mineral spring spas, genuine spas, theme spas, home (mobile spas), hospital (medical) spas, detoxicating spas and fusion spas.
At spas is the most popular technique offered a massage. Thai massage is the most popular type of massage provided by Thai trainers. There are, howevere, many different types of massage. Other types of massage in Thailand include: swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage, craniosacral massage, sports massage, stone massage, lymphatic massage. Alternatives are yoga and acupressure. You can also go to therapy like aromatherapy, vichy shower, thalassotherapy, inhalation therapy, hydrotherapy bath (e.g. Jacuzzi) or choose other types of treatment like mud or signature treatments.
Spa per individual has soared in popularity in recent years in Thailand. The individual spas available include spa for women, spa for men, spa for couples spa for mom and others. Spa for women is populal with both local and foreign women who prefer company of people of their own sex. Spa for couples attracts mainly foreign couples who are on holiday in Thailand together. They offer a good way to rejuvenate that relationship. Spa for men is popular with both local and foreign gay man who prefer the company of peple of their own sex. They are excellent places for meeting new friends. Spa for mom attracts mainly local Thai women who have been feeling tear and wear of both body and mind.
Spa cuisine is basically low fat, low salt and low sugar, so making it extremely healthy.

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Spas and massages - Thai massage

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Thai massage
Spas and massages - Thai massage on the beach

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Thai massage on the beach
Spas and massages - Massages on the beach

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