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Mahe is the largest of the 115 islands of the Seychelles. The islands are located in the western Indian Ocean. The nearest neighbours are the great continent of Africa and Madagascar. Mahe is the largest granitic island. It is 27 km long and only 8 km wide. The town of Victoria, the administrative and busy commercial capital of the Seychelles, nestles below the mountains. On Mahe is the Seychelles International Airport, which was open in the year 1971. We can drive almost all the way around Mahe. The highest peak, Morne Seychellois, reaches up to 905m. On Mahe we will never feel swamped by huge numbers of other tourists. It is an island of long and secluded beaches, shady palms and impressive granite boulders. On Mahe you need to see Tea Factory in the Morne Seychellois National Park, Capucin Mission Ruins, Craft Village, La Marine Model Boats, many beautiful beaches and the waterfall in the hills.

Most Beautiful Trips

Mahe - Anse Royale

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Mahe - Anse Royale Ile Souris <br> Anse Royale Ile Souris

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Anse Royale Ile Souri...

Anse Royale Ile Souris
Mahe - Tea Factory

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Mahe - Tea Factory <br> Beautiful view of Seychelles from Tea Factory

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Tea Factory

Beautiful view of Seychelles from Tea Factory
Mahe - Waterfall

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Mahe - Waterfall <br> Mangrove swamp

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Mangrove swamp
Mahe - Waterfall <br> Paradise on Seychelles

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Paradise on Seychelles
Mahe - Bel Air Cemetery

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Mahe - Anse Boileau

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Mahe - Anse Intendance

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Mahe - Anse Bazarca

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Mahe - Anse Bazarca <br> Petite Police bay

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Anse Bazarca

Petite Police bay